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[ENG] 5FOReunhyuk GOODS 2nd Photobook "Serendipity"

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 06:37 PM

2nd Photobook "Serendipity"

By. 5FOReunhyuk


'Serendipity' a happy accident, finding out things
without being searching for them..

is the concept of 5FOReunhyuk 2nd Photobook

The fate took us to know and love Eunhyuk.
From the beginning until now,
all memorable story are collected to 2nd Photobook 'Serendipity'

Destiny brought us together.. To be "5FOReunhyuk" :))

Please do love and support Eunhyuk together and forever ^_^

= Detail ::

- Size : 190 x 260 mm
- Page : 120-150Page
- All Photos during year 2013-2015 include Exclusive photos during SUPER JUNIOR'05 Album.

My Bottle!
- Bottle water capacity 500ml.
- Bottle screened Eunhyuk cartoon character (by 5FOReunhyuk)
- Paper Box Package, Made in Korea

My Towel!
5FOReunhyul Towel Lot.6 let's cheer eunhyuk together with 5FOReunhyuk Towel :)
Size : 22x100 CM
White Towel with font colour black and red.

Messge on Towel : "You're 소중한사람 이혁재!"
It's mean : You are the most precious person for me Lee Hyukjae.

= Preview ::



Preview My Bottle! จะตามมาทีหลังค่ะ

= Special Gifts ::

For all order will receive the gifts;
- DVD FanCam "Super Show World Tour 1-6" Eunhyuk Focus; Highlight in every concert from SS1-SS6
1 discs (can be change) and can watch in PC only
- A4 Poster 1x
- Mobile cleaner 1x
- Compact Mirror 1x
- Photo 4x6 3x
- Sticker 2x

For all My Bottle! order will receive the gifts;
- Badege 1x
- Photo 4x6 3x
- Sticker 2x

For all My Towel! order will receive the gifts;
- Photo 4P 1x

First 7 days Benefit for Thai & Foreigner ONLY for Photobook order
(excluded Bottle & Towel) will receive special gifts;

- DVD FanCam D&E Concert Eunhyuk Focus Full concert Focus EUNHYUK!
(can watch in PC only)
- Full color screened DVD

For Set Order (Photobook+Bottle+Towel) will receive the gifts;
- DVD FanCam D&E Concert Eunhyuk Focus Full concert Focus EUNHYUK!
(can watch in PC only)
- Hand Made Mobile Phone strap (Limited edition from 5FOReunhyuk)
- Magnet 1x
- Post Card Set or Photo Set 10x
- Secret Gifts

= Reservation ::
- Reservation & Order (First 7 day) : 25 April - 1 May 2015
- Reservation & Order (Normal Order) : 2 May - 5 June 2015
- Delivery : Product will be finished around 15 July but for Towel will be finished around June so if you want to use towel for D & E concert in your plan please contact us we can ship it to you separate (Inside photobook will have D & E concert photo too so we need to wait and take all photo until last D & E concert finish )
*Delivery Schedule can be change.

* Order cannot be cancelled.
* If you have any question please contact : info.5foreunhyuk@gmail.com

= Price ::

- Photobook : 900 THB. / 32,000 KRW. / 32USD.
- My Bottle! : 400 THB. / 14,000 KRW. / 14USD.
- My Towel! : 300 THB. / 11,000 KRW. / 11USD.
- SET (Photbook + Bottle + Towel) : 1,600 THB. / 57,000 KRW. / 57USD.
* If you want to pay with Paypal we will calculate the price with USD.
But if you want to pay by Transfer to Bank account in Korea we will calculate the price with KRW.

- If you are willing to be a representative of your country for Group Purchase ,
please contact : info.5foreunhyuk@gmail.com

Please write the subject of E-mail:
- "[Order] 2nd Photobook "Serendipity" if you want to order the goods
Name - Surname ::
Nickname ::
Twitter ::
Email (For Confirm and other detail) ::
Order List ::
Shipping (Pick up/EMS Address) ::

- "[Question] 2nd Photobook "Serendipity" if you have any questions : )



- INDONESIA : http://bit.ly/1OYUmEZ // [ cloudsshop ]



PAYPAL & Western Union
1) We ACCEPT PAYPAL (The easiest and safety way to send money)
2) you can send money by Western Union we can receive your money.
If you want to send money by Paypal or Western Union when your order comfirm by us
we will tell about a detail and send it back to you.
3) Deposit money to Korean Bank or Thai Bank (contact us to ask about Account number)


- Western Union
Arponpis Sae-Liw
446-448 Taksin Rd. Buckaro
Thonburi Bangkok 10600 [Thailand]

= ORDER :)

- Check your name and order > http://bit.ly/1GmTR8j
#After payment order will update within 2 days

E-Mail for Q&A / Oversea Order : infor.5foreunhyuk@gmail.com
Twitter : @5FOReunhyuk

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